Bib Short Performance RMT1 2013

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Bib Short Performance RMT1 2013

Pedalling 200 km, in the cold or heat, on the flat or in the mountains... you can’t leave it to impro-visation. That’s why our garments are based on an uncompromising philosophy and design. The PERFORMANCE range uses the most advanced technologies and most sophisticated fabrics to help you to train and compete at the highest level. Temperature control fabrics which help main-tain a constant body temperature and maximise performance at any intensity level. For long distance cyclists looking for top performance clothing, without foregoing design with personality, style and innovation.  


  • Sensitive fabric: wicks moisture and keeps dry.
  • Anatomical upper body in carbon fabric: antibacterial, thermodynamic and antistatic.
  • Women Pro-Fit cut: panel construction.
  • Orbea jacquard elastic.
  • Woman OP-2 antibacterial chamois pad for high protection


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  • M
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  • XL